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Crown thinning.
This process is the removal of selected growth, predominantly secondary branches within the canopy to allow light penetration. This will not reduce the height of the tree but will allow more light to filter through to ground level.
Crown lifting.
Is the removal of lower branches, this is usually undertaken to improve the appearance of the tree, to reduce pedestrian and vehicular contact with the lower canopy and promote growth in the crown.

In addition to the core services that we offer there is a multitude of other services that Lts treework extend their expertise to. If you feel that you may require a service not mentioned here for example Stump Grinding, Planting ect, then please do not hesitate to contact us.  
Crown Clean / Dead wooding.
Many deciduous trees are prone to dead or rotting branches as part of their natural cycle, inevitably these branches pose a danger to property and people within the immediate area. "Crown Clean" involves the removal of all dead wood, crossed or hazardous branches in order to make the tree safe.

Crown reduction.
As a mature tree can often exceed a height that is safe in relation to the proximity of buildings, overhead services and premises it may be necessary to reduce the canopy thus reducing the sail area and overall height. This can be carried out in various ways. Depending on the species of tree, these methods could include Pollarding, Coppicing, or cutting out selected growth with in the crown.

Storm Blown / High risk trees.
This may result as a direct order from local councils for a landlord, home owner or business to make safe any hazardous branches or trees on said premises. Works may include the clearance of street furniture or of broken limbs such work is often High risk and requires an in depth knowledge and relevant experience.

Tree Felling.
This is the complete removal of the tree and is carried out in various ways depending on site conditions. Methods may include section felling where smaller sections are cut from the tree, complete felling, where the tree is felled as one (rarely recommended for mature trees due to weight distribution and proximity to dwellings) and as is in most cases a segmented felling whereby the tree is reduced to an acceptable and safe height before felling the remaining trunk.
The general up-keep and maintenance of hedgerows including trimming reducing or removing. Works on hedgerows are generally carried out in the late summer months when the birds have finished nesting.

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Whether you are a private home owner, a land lord of commercial premises or a large organisation, you can be assured of an honest, professional and reliable service from our team.

In addition to the services expected of your local tree surgeon (As described below) we also offer expertise in Forestry management, Contract Felling and Specialist rigging.